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Let me ask you this...

Have you ever heard, or maybe even said any of these statements...

  •  "I'm not rich but I'm happy."
  •  "Money can't buy you happiness."
  • Rich People Suck...


Rich people are...

... Not Nice People."

... Snobs,

... Dishonest,

... Not Spiritual etc

I know that last one might seem a bit provocative.

But, I've never shied away from provoking people for their own good.

How many times have you looked at someone who is more financially well off than you and actually felt

- Angry

- Envious

- Cheated

- Looked Down On

etc, etc,

Where do these feelings and Ideas come from?

I mean after all,

we know, at least consciously that rich people aren't necessarily

- bad,

- dishonest

- or snobbish at all.

And yet, many times, in spite of ourselves, these feelings come from out of nowhere...

Or do they?


They come from the beliefs about money and wealthy people that you didn't know you had.

That you most likely inherited from the significant others in your life.

And those well-meaning people probably didn't even realize they were programming this crap into you.

And that's why today's lesson on the hidden laws of attraction...

Is SO SO Important!

The Law of Unconscious Manifestation
and The Emotional Refractory Period.

Today's Lesson Is All About The beliefs you don't know you have...

...And How To Get Rid of Them


In my Conversational and Covert Hypnosis classes.

I teach my students the First Rule of Hypnotic Influence:

"Anything Outside of Your Awareness is Outside of Your Control."


The corollary to that rule is of course...

"The Things Outside of Your Awareness Often Have The Greatest Power To Control You."


We all know that The thoughts you think determine what you attract into your life.

That's Law of Attraction 101.


Most people think its just some "vibrational" Metaphysical Principle  Such as they allude to in movies like "The Secret".

And that's certainly "part" of the picture.

But there IS more to it.

It's true that the dominant thoughts, the thoughts that you think most often... control your life.

And once again.

It goes back to the quality and source of your "dominant" thoughts.

Most people believe that its the thoughts they conscious choose to focus on are their dominant thoughts. That is hardly ever the case.  The truth is that your dominant thoughts,  you think the most often, are NOT your consciously chosen thoughts.

... or the thoughts that you consciously pay attention to.

That's just what you are thinking about a very small percentage of the time.

Most of the time your dominant thoughts are NOT conscious at all

They are on auto-pilot, or to put it more aptly They are on


They are literally movies and soundtracks continuously running in the background...many times below the threshold of consciousness or appearing as "flashes of emotion, or feelings before disappearing once again below the surface of your conscious awareness.

They are the thoughts,ideas and beliefs percolating in the depths of your unconscious mind.

but its not only the "Ideas, beliefs and attitudes that are the problem. It's also the feelings they create in your body, subtle feelings that affect your moods.

You see when ever your body generates an emotion, it also creates a body-feeling that goes along with it.

Now most of us already know that but...

Every time you have an emotional change or shift...

...something very interesting happens to your mind and your perceptions.

They automatically change without your knowing it.

They become highly selective.

This Phenomenon was first discovered by Researcher Dr.Paul Ekman.

It's called the emotional refractory period.

In a nutshell,

Every time you have an emotional shift;

...that emotion causes your mind and your perceptions to selectively focus on specific types of information, and ignore or minimize other types of  information.

Only the information that keeps you thinking and feeling a certain way...Will Be Paid Attention Too.

Let me give you a couple examples of what I am talking about.

...Ever have an argument with someone?

Then maybe after a short but heated conversation/shouting match etc.

...And after You resolve the dispute, for some mysterious reason anything you say in the next:



...or 20 minutes

Has A Good Chance Of Setting Them Off Again.

You see this a lot among couples but its not specific only to them.

That Is The Emotional Refractory Period In Action.

..."Ever Buy A Car?"

And while you are shopping around all the cars seem different.

And Then When you finally choose a car in the color, make, and model you want,

As you are driving it home you notice

...You see the same darn car every where you look!

The Emotional Refractory Period STRIKES AGAIN!



So why is this important ?

Because this could be what's keeping you stuck!

If you have bad feelings about accumulating wealth or attracting the things you want.

Those feelings will trigger you to only percieve and process events, situations and information in such a way that are more than likely to keep you repeating old limiting behaviors...

...Over and Over Again

... without your even realizing it.

If feelings of unworthiness are hiding under the surface...

  • You'll unconsciously hold yourself back from taking action on things that could bring you more money Success and Happiness.
  • You Might Start A Project and The Closer You Get To CompletingIt, The More You Lose Your
  • Desire
  • Motivation
  • Focus

Etc. Etc.

Or you may never even start it at all.

In spite of how much you want it you'll just keep putting it off or never getting around to it.

If you unconsciously hold a belief that rich people are evil, dishonest or unspiritual,

You'll tend to create resistance to what you want because those ideas or beliefs "conflict" with your own personal
identity or self image.

You may never accumulate wealth because doing so would cause you to become someone you unconsciously hate.

The above are just examples of course.

This phenomenon is rampant in most people seeking wealth and abundance in regard to money...

...and its easily the number one problem we need to fix.

And The Good News IS That There is a Way To Fix All Of It

- Systematically,

- Rapidly

- Easily

Find and Change Your Unconscious Beliefs.


You see if all you did was find and change your limiting beliefs,  The ones you DON'T Consciously realize you have.

* Isolate them,
* Understand them,
* Change them and
* Install Better Ones.

The same mechanisms that might be keeping you stuck can suddenly start rocketing you toward more success and financial abundance ... like Super-Powered GPS!

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