Hypnosis In Action – Howie Mandel Was This Good Hypnosis Or Evil Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis Class: FREE Instant Conversational Hypnosis Class In Los Angeles

Let me ask you a question…   What if you had the secret power to honestly and ethically persuade anyone to do what ever you wanted them to and like doing it for you.   What if you could speak just a few simple phrases or ask 3 simple yet magical questions and have anyone drop into a profoundly altered state of mind or even reveal their most deeply held … [Read more...]

Learn Hypnosis: Covert Hypnosis Techniques for Emotional Control

Covert Hypnosis: Psychological Positioning And Emotional Control Have You EVER Failed To Make A Good First Impression? Or Maybe You found yourself in a situation and your emotions got the better of you. Maybe You... Choked Up and Couldn't Speak When You Needed To. Couldn't Focus or Concentrate Or Simply Couldn't Get Anyone To See Your Side and Follow … [Read more...]

How To Detect Covert Hypnosis–Defense Against The “Dark Art” of Black Hypnosis

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