Hypnosis Training: Technique – How To Get Rid of Negative Feelings, Blocks and Beliefs

https://youtu.be/m4jbVpn0LBY Coming Soon SEPTEMBER 2015 REAL WORLD HYPNOSIS HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION BOOT CAMP 2015   [0:00] David: So we start with the grey room.  Now I did not invent the grey room. I don't know who did, but whoever did should get a Nobel Prize.   Student ask, "what is it?"   [0:10] Ooo you don't know, well Ok then… [signals … [Read more...]

Learn Lie Detection Seminar Part 2

00 By Popular Demand Lie To Me... IF YOU DARE Part 2   Let's face it, at some time TODAY, someone is, has or will be telling you something that is simply not true. The worst (or best part) you'll also be doing the same thing. Studies show most of us simply can't go through the day without somehow tweaking or distorting our communication to other people. This … [Read more...]

NLP Training

  ... An Insiders Insights On - NLP - Energy Healing - Energy Psychology and More Many people who are interested In Conversational Hypnosis are Also FASCINATED By NLP However most hypnotists actually know very little about NLP * What it really is * How it Works and * Why It Was Developed. I was recently ask to be interviewed by one … [Read more...]