How To Detect Covert Hypnosis–Defense Against The “Dark Art” of Black Hypnosis


I get a lot of questions about how to detect This is a pretty good video that can help you become more aware of the subtle uses of covert hypnosis.




  1. Interesting video with good content. mixed thoughts about some of the ideas.

    • David Van Arrick says:

      HI Nick,

      I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. Always looking for the ideas of others.


  2. afia shamoon says:

    hi david,
    i am so sad that i cant watch most of your videos because of pakistan restrictions. can you pleas help me abaot it or give me some advise?

  3. madhav sharma says:

    i m taking so intrest in this but i cannot found the tranning and have some trouble

  4. Ariel Heron says:

    Great explanation of fractionation (spelling?) Also great experience of fractionation.