Hypnosis For Clearing Subconscious Negativity – Law of Attraction

Hidden Laws of Attraction:

Clearing Subconscious Negativity Pt.2


The Law of Attraction Teaches Us That Like Vibrations Attract Like Vibrations and Call The Events Situations and Circumstances Into Our Life That Are In Harmony With Those Vibrations!

The Law Of Attraction Also Teaches Us That We Vibrate and Manifest Things That Are In Harmony With Our Dominant Thoughts

But There is A Problem...

And that problem is that we do not really understand or in many cases or ever even aware of what our dominant thoughts "actually" are.

Most of us believe our dominant thoughts are the "conscious" dialogue running in our head.

We believe our dominant thoughts are the ones we are "aware" of and "choose" to think about.

But that isn't exactly true.

Not at all.

Conscious mind thinking is sporadic, episodic and inconstant. It jumps around from one thing to the next like a monkey or the wind.

But we do have dominant thoughts.

Thoughts that are constantly running. Have a strong emotional component and literally influence and manage our vibrations and perceptions on a consistent and ongoing basis.

These "dominant" thoughts are known as beliefs.

Now most of us think we know what we believe. but just like most other principles and concepts commonly taught to the general public regarding "The Secret" The Law of Attraction and Manifesting.

This concept has been diluted, watered down and not clearly explained or understood.

You see we have two sets of beliefs...

We have beliefs we "consciously know about" and beliefs we "unconsciously know about"

  • Changing a Belief We Know About Can Be Extremely Difficult without the Proper Techniques.
  • Changing a Belief We Don't Know We Have Is Simply "Impossible" Without Some Sort of Miraculous Intervention.

The First Step To Manifesting and Attracting the Things We Want is to First Become The Person Who Can Actually Have Them, and To Whom Those Things Can Happen To.

  • To Do That We Need To Get Our Vibration Rights and Consistent To Attract The Things We Want.
  • To Get Our Vibrations Right, We Need To Get Our Dominant Thoughts Right. That Means Finding, Uncovering and Transforming Our Beliefs and Most Importantly...

...The Beliefs We Don't Know We Have.

Here's What To Do Next...

  1. Watch The Video Above If You Haven't Already Done So... Its PURE Vibrational Alchemy To Clear Subconscious Negativity - No Matter What!

And Then...

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  • Where They Manifest In Your Body
  • How To Release The Negative Emotions, Beliefs, and Blocks To Your Success
  • How To Install New and Better Beliefs that Only Get Stronger As Time Goes On

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  1. Zora Tackoor says:

    Wow, I just do not know how to express my emotions, I feel fantastic. I have Multiple Sclerosis for 35 years, I did NLP according to NLP books like Frogs into Princesses with a guide who was doing it then in Trinidad (West Indies, Caribbean Islands). I did have good enough results, but the progress was slow.Dr Padmaji Rao after few years left the island, I followed the routine for sometime, but it sort of felt strange, “AM I DOING IT OK?’ So I did other things, but somehow it did not help as much as I wanted. Watching your videos, one after another is showing me how some practitioners, like you, refined the NLP system for better. Thank you very much for all the free videos, they are priceless!!!!!!! I just would like to ask, as you mentioned that you have some experiences treating people with MS, what is it that I should concentrate the most? I do repeat some of the videos which I feel will benefit me in repeating the technique/s. Thank you very much again. Regards, Zora

  2. Kristine Sutton says:

    i would like a copy of the stems paper you hand out in your classes, and still havent seen it or where to find it.,

  3. do you have an online course in hypno therapy? for certification?

  4. it possible to get the transcript of your hypnotic suggesstions that you give at the end of the meet up?

  5. Hi Mr David! I like to say thank you in helping us seeing the truth in ourselves. Wow! what I do to myself! Punishment is horrible! And being gullible is another one. And how the mind will do something and knowing the consequences that oneself will do to them self. A relief to see the truth. Gets me somewhat off the hook. Thank God for people like you and YouTube other wise the answer would be so painful. And not understanding why! WhT a trip . Wish I could take a course

  6. Great stuff David Snyder. I love how you can speak about these concepts in many forms which highlights your mastery over your craft.

    -Gerardo Morillo