Hypnosis In Action – Howie Mandel Was This Good Hypnosis Or Evil Hypnosis?


  1. Jay Faulkner says:

    That was amazing, absolutely fantastic. Wow.

  2. What is evil hypnosis? What is good hypnosis?

    During the portion when nick canan explained to us that TV cannot show Harvey being hypnotized, can we conclude that images on TV can directly hypnotizes the viewing audience?

  3. What is evil hypnosis? What is good hypnosis?

    During the portion when nick canan explained to us that TV cannot show Harvey being hypnotized, can we conclude that images on TV have the ability to directly hypnotizes the viewing audience? If so, what technique(s) are being used to hypnotize people watching TV.

  4. BeccasDad says:

    Based solely on what I saw in the video, I would call this evil hypnosis, simply because the hypnotist did not have permission for the handshakes (unless that was something that wasn’t shown). He crossed into and invaded personal boundaries just because he could. He also disrespected Howie’s identity, as he is regarded as a germaphobe and might cling to that as part of his “persona”. While it might seem like a minor thing to those watching, to the “phobic” it’s a huge ordeal, and this was done in front of a large audience and in a ridiculing manner. Obviously, no one took into account what possible outcomes might happen if it went badly. I think Howard Stern’s warning about what will happen to the hypnotist when Howie watches the video probably carries a lot of weight. I know I wouldn’t want to be around.

  5. Reiki2012 says:

    While I understand your perspective @(BeccasDad), and I think it has merit as one way of seeing this event, I also step back and look at the event from a more global position. When viewed alongside stage routines that commonly distress participants and that may bend the persons persona (such as gender switches) I don’t see it as anything out of character for the situation. Whether or not that industry as a whole is ethical is another discussion Heheheh.
    Putting that aside, and considering the fact that Howie has allowed this issue to insinuate itself so deeply into his subconcious belief structure, I have to think the incident may have provided Howie with a rare opportunity to redefine his perspective on the matter of his germophobia. Sure, it shook him up, but I am having a hard time seeing that as a bad thing. I would be surprised if he doesn’t think about the experience frequently. Considering that Howie has been incorporating this issue into his personality and life for many years rather than healing the issue I think he likely feels defeated by the problem with no other option than to bend his knee to it. Now he is aware that the problem can be addressed in a powerful way. In such a severe case of this disorder, I believe there would be virtually no way to communicate this “contraindicated” message to Howie without shaking him up.
    Also, if Howie truly didn’t want to have the issue challenged, he would have refused to take any risk by participation. When I was a teenager I had serious anxiety based around a personal issue that I was deeply afraid of challenging. I was volunteered by some friends to go onstage for a hypnotist show and, despite having no experince whatsoever with hypnotism at that point, I recognized the risk of exposure of my guarded internal issues. As such, I refused to respond to hypnotic testing and walked off stage.
    Anyway, sorry for te long winded response. I wouldlove to hear David V.A. perspectiveon the topic.

  6. I don’t like hypnosis as entertainment. However, I didn’t see any ridiculing by the affable hypnotist. The male judge grabbing attention for himself needed to be quiet. And yes, people can be hypnotized by tv and monitors regardless of words. It’s how the brain registers the waves in the actual technology.

  7. Thomas Feola says:

    This is really wrong! If the hypnotist just did some sort of General hypnotic Illusion or trick that would’ve been fine.. Howie, agreed to be hypnotized. But to fool around with someone’s phobia, without express permission could have major consequence. Suppose after finding out the truth he became severely depressed, or had major anxiety? Hypnotists like this guy are bad new!

  8. Michael Evans says:

    I can see both sides on this subject.
    From what I have learned from Davids videos he never really got a hypnotic contract unless you call a fist pump one.
    But he is a show hypnotist and not a hypnotherapist so hes there to entertain, not help Howie with his issue.
    So is it evil or Good I thinks depends on your perspective.