Hypnotic Blog Post Test 007


This is a test of the remote blog posting system.

If this had been a real blog post you would have been instantly hypnotized into believing this was only a test.

Please comment on your hypnotic experience at this time.

Your loyal friend and hypnosis guide.

David V.


  1. Just wanted to comment on how hypnotically powerful this last post was.It truly had me believing IT was only a Test! Wow! This You Guys Are Good!

  2. Mel Johnson says:

    Really great, I can’t remember my name tho…….

  3. Bill Edmondson says:

    Wow far out man!!! I thought I was back in the sixties for a minute….

  4. Seth Breidbart says:

    You even convinced me this won’t be posted until next year.

  5. I noticed the future date but thought it was a typo. I would like my last name removed from public viewing please.

    • David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Donna,

      There is a special wordpress application that manages my postings for your clearance level. it It works with the chron function in the site so the dates are not always accurate. I am hoping updates to the software will correct this issue in the future.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Enjoy the site.


      David V.

  6. John Watkins says:

    Hi, I am John Watkins and i just want to say I love it, I mean i have not got the chance to be able to do it yet but i love it.

  7. Thebenyane selaki says:

    hi i,m selakiand i hav just joined but i realy like it i hope its gonna change my life for the better,hey David you are such a man.

  8. VISPI PATEL says:


  9. paresh jalodhara says:

    hey, im not understand please guide me how to see?

  10. mejo jose says:

    I want to learn Hyp

  11. debabrata mukherjee says:

    I want learn hyp

  12. arjun chohan says:

    what are the techniques to learn hypnotism

  13. arjun chohan says:

    some times i know the what happen in future ……….

  14. ayesha khan says:

    I want to learn hypnosis plz teach me

  15. karthi suresh says:

    really great

  16. SUBRATA HALDER says:

    I want to learn hypnotherapy.

  17. zishan ahmad says:

    What to do wity this pic …. i do not inderstand

  18. Prashant Shinde says:

    Just i want to learn hypnosis to help in terms of medical,
    People who are mentally sick but not physically
    People who has lost his will power
    Just any how i want to learn it plz send me the training video from which i can learn

    • David Van Arrick says:

      I have an entire training program on medical hypnosis. When you say people who are mentally sick but not physically what do you mean exactly by that.
      and when you mention people who have their will power, please elaborate. That could mean a lot of things.

      Conversational hypnosis can help with all of these issues. However its also very important to remember that the other side of hypnosis is the ability to discover and know exactly how, when and where to apply the techniques. A good hypnotist/master of influence must know how to gather information at least as well if not better than he or she can utilize hypnotic technique.

      Maybe I’ll do a blog post on this in the future if anyone is interested.


  19. Steven Hanenburg says:

    I didn’t notice a thing.

  20. A effective illusion

  21. I took it the color was black I change the color to redI spent it in a different direction and I put it back on the screen I feel a lot better now.