Learn Hypnosis Online: STEALTH Conversational Hypnosis User’s Guide

Hey There


This is your loyal friend and Stealth Hypnosis
Mentor David V.


Here to Personally welcome you to the elite ranks of the worlds

Most Effective System of Conversational Hypnotic Persuasion
and Influence


After having trained so many students up to expert level in Conversational Hypnosis


It's not uncommon for me to hear.


Dear David,

Okay, I've joined STEALTH...

NOW What!

  • Where Do I start?
  • What videos Should I Be Watching?
  • What Order Should I practice Them in?


All Very Good Questions and...


That's Why I Created This Handy Hypnotic




To Rapidly get you on the Fast Track To Maximizing Your Hypnotic
Skills In Minimum Time.


Okay, Ready?


Lets begin...


The Most Common Way People USE  STEALTH is To Simply Watch


The Videos In The Order They Are Laid Out.


The Default Sequence May Not Be
The Best Sequence For You.


For Example:


Many of Our STEALTH Students Are Very Interested In STREET HYPNOSIS,


While Others are more Interested In Hypnotherapy...


While Still Others Are Interested in

  •  Business (sales, interviewing, negotiation)
  • Or Attraction (approaching, Generating Attraction)
  • Etc. etc.


All of These are Valid and Legitimate  Uses of the STEALTH Technology.


After all that is what STEALTH is designed for.


To give you the ability to use conversational hypnosis for any reason.




The specific order of preference of our student body shows and interesting
distribution that goes something like this.

56.4% Interested in Personal Development

53.8% Street Hypnosis

46.1% Energy Work

35.8% Psychic Influence

33.3% Social Engineering

30.1% Stage Hypnosis


As a veteran hypnotist, It's always interesting to me how a simple tweak
in a term or a label can dramatically change a persons reaction to a question.


But I digress...

Niche Specific Quick Start Guide For Learning STEALTH HYPNOSIS


Now, before I get into the specifics for each niche,



Every One Should Be Watching The Very first Two STEALTH
Language Pattern Videos.


This is Just to get exposure to the materials. Do not worry just yet about
going through the lessons and drills in the workbooks.


Save that for after you know specifically what training silo you are going
to  Be following.


And then you'll know when the language patterns will be most relevant to you.


Does That Make Sense?




Here We Go...





Personal development and empowerment buffs should focus on the following
videos in the order recommended:


  •  Instant Inner Game
  •  Instant and Rapid Inductions
  •  Hypnotic Hot buttons
  •  3 Magic Questions
  •  Stealth language Patterns One and Two
  •  Flirt Factor
  •  Instant Influence


As a student of personal development you have to focus on two levels of training

  • taking out the trash
  • and empowering your subconscious mind.

Instant Inner game will also teach you

  • - how to find your limiting beliefs
  • - and systematically deal with them
  • - while giving you the ability to Install Powerful New
    beliefs, attitudes  and perspectives


It also gives you a good introduction to our  standard "working "induction
called the

  • 4 Magic Bullets


this hypnotic induction reliably puts 9 out of 10 people into deep hypnosis
the first time you use it.

Instant and Rapid Inductions


  • Will Give A Quick and Easy Way To Instantly Put Anyone into Trance in Practically
    Any Environment.
  • It also reviews The 4 magic bullets.

Hypnotic Hot Buttons


Will Teach You About Criteria and Values which are emotional triggers
that direct what we


  • move towards,
  • what we move away from
  • and what we will accept and recognize as desirable.


If you want to become powerful you must understand values and criteria.


3 Magic Questions


Takes What You Learned in Hypnotic Hot Buttons and dramatically enhances
and streamlines it for conversational interactions of any kind.


You'll find you rapidly gain the ability to


  • inspire trust,
  • connection,
  • intimacy,
  • attraction
  • ... and even love in anyone you use the protocol on.


And because the method is so versatile you can use it at any networking function,

  • - Night Club or Bar
  • - Coffee Shop
  • - Over The Phone
  • - Even In Email
  • - Courtrooms
  • - Waiting Rooms


Any place where you have to engage in small talk but have no idea
what to say...


...This system is a life saver.


It allows you to have magical conversations where people just can't help but
like you, connect with you and trust you.


It should probably be illegal, but The truth is its actually MORE ethical and honest
than any other form of conversational interaction.


After you finish 3 MQ you can go on to the language pattern videos again as a way to
even further amplify your ability to deliver hypnotic conversations that people just
can't resist.


Then for Fun...


Watch the 6 Instant Influence Bonus videos In Your members Area for more
examples of the stealth patterns in action.



Aspiring Street Hypnotists should watch the videos in the following order:


  • - STEALTH One and Two as a Primer
  • - Instant Influence: 6 video set
  • - Instant and Rapid Inductions
  • - 3 magic questions
  • - Flirt Factor
  • - Instant Inner Game


As a street hypnotist you do your work out on the street, walking up to perfect
strangers and either convincing them to let you hypnotize them OR...

You just zapping them.


( I really don't Recommend that)


Walking up to someone and just dropping them into trance with an instant induction is a real
good way to get yourself punched out, arrested, or both.

However the power of what you do is derived from your ability to

  • Observe Your Subject/Target
  • Get Their Attention
  • Get Them Interested
  • Get them compliant
  • And Rapidly drop them into a deep state of trance at the
    first opportunity



Street Hypnosis is a Performance Art.

It has to Be Dramatic, Quick and Cool. (and when possible, unexpected)


That's why you need to focus on the instant and rapid inductions
early on.


The STEALTH language patterns...


... will be essential for you to begin "pre-hypnotizing" Your Subjects Before the
"Formal" induction.


3 Magic Questions...


Allows You To Approach Complete strangers With Perfect Confidence Get Their
Attention, Gain Their Trust and
Ultimately Their Compliance...


...Without having to worry about what to say.


Flirt Factor...


... Teaches You How To Interpret your subjects Body Language So
You Know
How Into You They Are.


Attraction Leads To Compliance and Heightened Suggestibility so The 3 Magic
Questions Combined With Flirt Factor is a Lethal Hypnotic Combination.

Instant Inner Game:


It should go without saying that if you are going to be working with Street Hypnosis
you are going to need the proverbial Balls of Steel.


Seriously, The master key to

  • making instant and rapid inductions work,
  • to getting absolute compliance to suggestion is all about

Certainty, Clarity and Adaptability.


All are inner game issues,

  • you have to be utterly confident in yourself and
  • be able to adapt as the situation changes.
  • You have to be "unflappable" in the face of the unexpected


That's the core of inner game,


  •   Knowing how things work, and why
  •  Having the situational awareness poise and presence of mind to
  • Having The Certainty That You Are Going to prevail in any situation.


Energy Work and Psychic Influence

For those of you interested in Energy Work and Psychic Influence

Watch STEALTH Videos One And Two as a Primer.

Then watch

  • - Instant Inner Game
  • - Hypnotic Hotbuttons
  • - 3 Magic Questions
  • - Instant and Rapid Inductions
  • - Instant-Influence


As an energy worker, you must understand how to synergize your suggestions
with your energetic influence.


People receiving energy healing become hyper suggestible and you need
to make sure that your words reinforce and direct the person subconscious
mind to energetically facilitate the effects of what you are doing.


Most importantly, The more you build your own energetic potential the more amplified your own
issues tend to become.


Therefore if you are going to work in anything that deals with energy you have to take care
your own "shit" first.


Stay tuned to your email because in a few short weeks I'll be releasing a complete
system of energy skills, influence and remote viewing.


All based on modern discoveries in physics and neuro science - But Real Jedi stuff
That you can test, prove and repeat.


To get on the early bird mailing list for it go here: http://www.vibrationalinfluence.com


Hypnotic Hot Buttons:


If you are going to exert influence on people, energetically or otherwise you
have to know what makes them take action therefore hypnotic hot buttons is critical
for your success.


3 Magic Questions:


Getting Energetic Rapport Is critical in any form of influence.


Nothing Does That Faster or as Deeply as 3 Magic Questions.

Also Certain Aspects of Remote Influencing Require you to interact with people In The
Dream State.

3 Magic Questions is actually useful during this tactic as well


[yes, i am teasing you about what's coming ;-)]



Within the scope of Social Engineering also falls the applications of


  • Social Dynamics
  • Group Leadership
  • Attraction and
  • Ultimately Seduction


Aspiring Social Engineers follow a protocol similar To STREET Hypnotists.

Start with The STEALTH 1 and 2

  • - Instant Influence - 6 Video Bonus pack
  • - Hypnotic Hot Buttons
  • - Three Magic Questions
  • - Flirt Factor
  • - Instant Inner Game
  • - Instant And Rapid Inductions


Remember That All Social Engineering Applications Revolve Around

  • Trust,
  • Connection
  • and Compliance.


Add To that your ability to adapt to ever-changing situations and circumstances
and You Can Begin to See Why This Silo is So Important.





First and Foremost...


Instant Inner Game

  • To wire  in the three key attitudes that practically Guarantee Success.
  • Give You  "Larger Than Life" Presence and Charisma



Instant and Rapid Inductions

To get your rapid and instant induction game on overdrive.


Follow that up with 3 Magic Questions and Instant Influence 6 Video Bonus Set

To get a little more background on compliance Triggers...and Finally

Flirt Factor

To get the body language of trance, which is VERY similar To Attraction!


Well there you have it the key training regimens for the 6 major
fields of interest


Did I miss anything?

Did I leave Anything Out?

... is there a specific Application You would like to use STEALTH For?


Let me know, You can post your comments on the blog, Or email me directly at


Please Be Sure To Like us On Facebook, Do some cool hypno-tweets on twitter.


You know what I'm talking about. 😉


Talk Soon.


Your Loyal Friend and Mentor.

David V.


PS Do you have a success story or field Report? If so tell me all about it!


If I use It in my one of my emails or blog posts,


I'll send you a free video!


Keep em Coming!



To Access The Videos Mentioned In This Post, All You Have to Do is Upgrade

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  1. jerome johnson says:

    any chance of getting a pdf for the stems sheets in inner game?

  2. Dr S Udayakumar says:

    I have been practicing hypnosis for over 2 years as a Therapist. But still I am unable to hypnotice around 30 %n of the patients.
    I am a volunteer Medical Asst with a small pay. Hence please help me in whatever form to achieve success always

    • David Van Arrick says:

      You are probably not pre-framing the experience for them. You have to create comfort and compliance. Compliance is more important than anything else. You also have to have absolute certainty in your technique.


  3. jfrel jack vallejo says:

    its free online thougth you want to help peaple , and you want to share your knowlage but after we sign up yo ask for money for the training. tell you wat if you kan give me free traning just for me to put my dog or maid to sleep IL pay for the hole package you have on your site, just to be shur its true,, but if not kick me out of the membership…

  4. I have practised for a few years now mainly for Past Life Regressions, few of my clients were fine and had good experiences but some of them would get up after sometime and say, i did not feel hypnotised at all. What was that all about? Haha… at times its difficult to convince them especially those who do not really understand what it is all about. So i have to make a choice if i can take in the client or not…this becomes a bit tedious. What do you think David? how should i handle this situation?

  5. kaleb hargress says:

    i want to hypnotise someone into having unprotected sex with me.

    • David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Kaleb,

      in my particular world view that would be a highly un-ethical application and misuse of these skills. I would recommend you look elsewhere for that kind of information.

      Best of luck to you.


      David V.

  6. Hy I’m Alex I read a lot about hypnosis and hypnotherapy but I find it hard to believe that people can be hypnotised so easy asthenia YouTube videos show,I am really keen in learning more about this can you recommend.me any free online cursesbthat I can attend or any meetings or presentations in uk mainly to the south area.
    Thx and looking fwd to hear from.you.

  7. doug trivette says:

    This IS great stuff! I have found that the times I was most successful at making a sale was when I was using these very techniques naturally, I just didn’t know it! Now that I have been studying the videos and reading all the info I have begun to put together my own strategy which comes out more and more naturally every time I do it. I have not failed once when I apply these tools. I have come close, but, I was able to back up and change my approach a bit and get right back on track. I deal one on one with my clients on a somewhat personal level and I actually put my product in their hands, this is when the presuppositions really work! They experience exactly what is presupposed and when I take it from them they seem to be reluctant to hand it back to me. I guess the fact that they are holding the product is in itself a presupposition when I give them little pushes. I have found the pace/ lead formula to be very effective, can’t do without any of this information. I will always be grateful to you David and your team for this, you have opened my eyes to something I was doing naturally, now I can do it consistently. Thank you, doug.

  8. Hi David,
    Do you have a method that would work in achieving rapport and even attraction instantly in an interaction when the other person is very guarded, does not make eye contact and avoids conversation? I would like to find a technique to improve interaction with my ex and eventually bring her back to me.

  9. cameron brown says:

    hello david, I cant stop watching your videos and I’m so interested. can you tell the exact videos I need to watch to learn to put people in a trance and all the techniques to do so. please and thank you.

  10. I am a disabled vet who would like to help other combat vets. I don’t care about making money. I just want to be able to help other vets and thier wives. As their wives and family if they have one suffers just as much. The va isn’t really any help. Most of the psychologist that they send the vets to have no idea of what they really have experienced. They go so that they can get the medication to help them I would like to help my brothers in arms in the streets and in the va system to get real help. I believe that you method could help all vets.

  11. Ronnie Wideman says:

    Do you half to build rapport for hypnosis to work? And do embedding commands work on woman for suduction