Well ...

It had to happen sometime.

Sometimes in spite of our
best intentions...

SH!% Happens.

Recently I hired a guy to
Work On The STEALTH Website.

My Goal Was To Improve Your
experience in the STEALTH
HQ By Making The Site Load


... Well Actually It Was A Really
Good Idea and STILL Is.


One of the Fixes Backfired
and all The Members Videos


Now the good news is that
the vids are Still There.

Its just that the plug in we
were using to run them isn't
cooperating any more.

So we are re-uploading them
using a Different service.

They should be viewable again
in a few hours.

You Can However Still Download
Your Members Only Content.

The Download Functionality of
the HQ Was Not Affected By The
Cyber Gremlins.

I sincerely apologize for the
Streaming Issues.

I know it sounds kind of cheezy
To say this but...

Here at STEALTH HQ I Truly Care
About You Even Though I may have
never met you in person.

You invested your precious time and
energy to come and participate
In Our Community and That Means
A Lot To Me.

You See I Know There Are A Lot
of Other Places You Could Be
Hanging Out.

We should be back up to full
Capacity in a few hours.

I'll shoot you another email
when everything seems to be
back to normal.

I may need your help to pressure
test the new system and see if
it can take the pounding of close
to 6000+ people watching the same
video at the same time.

My hosting company is going to
love that. 🙂

Thanks Once Again For Being A
Valued STEALTH Student.

More Good Stuff On The Way.


Your Loyal Friend and Mentor.

David V.

PS: By The Way... If you haven't checked in with
us in a while, We've added a couple more videos