OOPS Part Deux! – Videos Back Up and Available For Viewing.


I'm happy to report that the video streaming for our members only

video content has be restored. Site speed still continues to be a

bit sluggish. But with so many members and so much pure hypnotic

gold stored inside.


It's somewhat understandable.


We are however working diligently to increase the overall speed of the site.

( I know how much you hate to be slowed down)

Turns out its more of a wordpress issue at this point.


So short of recoding the entire site we will just have to live with it for


I am contemplating moving us to a dedicated server, of course

that can get expensive.

If you think its worth investigating. Post Your Comments below.

Tha'ts It For Now.

Back to more online hypnosis training!



  1. Curtis Wicks says:

    Where so I start

  2. Dave Deeley says:

    Hi David:

    I signed up for the $47 membership and have had challenges moving forward with the site.

    Help, please.


  3. syed zohaib says:

    Hi i am new here , can anyone guide me please