STREET HYPNOSIS – Secrets of Street Seduction? (OMG)

3 Questions Instant Kiss Induction!



This is a fantastic piece of walk up hypnotic wizardry.  I love this. Not just for the sheer balls of it but because the precise questions he’s asking literally set up the mind for compliance and remove any barriers to the actual kiss! Positively genius. Great Video! I don't know if the guy just lucked into this by accident or what but its truly brilliant and worth studying.



  1. I had seen this video before, and thought it was pretty cool. I then learned that Vitaly, the creator of this video, sets up his videos. The 2nd girl in this video has been in another of his videos. I’m not trying to take away from the induction technique. I’m sure that it can and does work. I just don’t want for this guy to get a street hypnosis reputation and then give a bad name to the craft.

    • David Van Arrick says:

      Thanks For Letting Me Know. I still like the questions though. They could actually work.

  2. mike hobbs says:

    I presume the 3 questions could act as a pattern interrupt. However you would need huge balls to do this and the camera may serve as a get your fifteen minutes of fame which in turn could enhance the pattern interrupt and trancey feel to this kind of kiss close. Good vid though.
    Thanks David.

  3. Jonathan Carr- Fraijo says:

    wow. this is not what anyone would expect.

    • If this guy did this in New York he be in jail.

      • David Van Arrick says:

        Yup, You are probably right. The interesting thing of course is that he did this any where and is NOT in jail. Which I think in and of itself is very significant.

        Thanks for your input.