The Gift Part 2

Real World Hypnosis: Revolutionary Regression Technique One "The Gift" 00     IF this is the kind of transformation you want for yourself and/or want to share with others. Then You Should Seriously Consider Joining Us For Our One and Only European Date For 2017 LIVE IN PETERBOROUGH, UNITED KINGDOM and Discover our most recent and powerful advancements in the … [Read more...]

Dating Techniques – Understanding Men and Women – Why They See Things Differently

 NLP FLIRTING: Dating Techniques Understanding Men and Women - Why They See Things Differently! 0 https://youtu.be/qbPnL97V31w     Seminar Notes! 2015 - Flirting For Fun and Profit - Approach and Approachability - Extraction Techniques for Women 2015 - Flirting For Fun and Profit Notes - Approach and Approachability   Ready to Learn … [Read more...]

Hypnosis Class: Case Study Two – Removing Phobias With Hypnosis and NLP

    True Hypnosis Case Study PLEASE NOTE: AS With All Hypnosis Case Studies, this email is a bit Long. You Might Want To Print It Out To Read it. Enjoy! 17 months ago I was teaching a Hypnotherapy Certification Here in San Diego, It was called:           Real World Hypnosis: Real World Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy … [Read more...]

Hypnotherapy Certification- Real World Hypnosis Sneak Preview Two

REAL WORLD Hypnosis Training: "Identity By Design" "Sneak Preview!" "Pillars of Power" https://youtu.be/CG5SUerYy_E Are You Ready To Take Your Hypnosis Skills To The NEXT Level? Discover The Power of Real World Hypnosis! Get the Ability to Hypnotize Anyone, Any Time Any Place For Any Reason... And The Confidence To KNOW You Can Do It! Secrets of Instant and … [Read more...]

Hypnosis Training Class – Conversational Hypnosis Group Technique – Getting Rid of Negative Emotions Fast

  What would you be able to accomplish if you had the ability to spontaneously hypnotize a person... ... or even a group of people at the drop of a hat? How Much Fun Would You Have? How Confident Would You Be? What Level of Business and Personal Success Would You Enjoy? What Would It Feel Like To Know You Have The Power To Rapidly Help Other People … [Read more...]