Yes… You Can! The Power of Certainty

Every Now And Then  something comes along that just makes you stop and see the world differently. This video is not about me. I didn't make it. But Its meaning underlies and drives everything I teach whether it be in my hypnosis classes, my energy healing classes or my martial arts classes.

This video is Dedicated To You, My friends, my students and my family.

Believe... Then Do.


  1. Ganesh Subramanian says:

    WOW… Awesome video post David. Literally had goose bumps!

    • David Van Arrick says:

      Thanks Ganesh,

      This guy is my hero. My personal mission is to show people whats possible for them REGARDLESS of what anyone else thinks. Watching literally brought tears to my eyes.


  2. An astonishing example of the power of self-belief and the power of believing in others. Thanks for the share David, it is truly inspirational.

  3. Skyler Douthit says:

    good message. i will never give up on what i want to achive.

  4. Mark Gaughan says:

    That was amazing!!!